3 Reasons Why It Is Hard Dating In My Late 30’s

Hello future wives and husbands! Today is a new day and I want to continue to share my journey of being single even though I am not dating at the moment. I want to thank those who read my previous blog post about how being single affected my blogging. For those who want to catch up, here is a link Being Single Affected My Blogging? I share how being single as affected my blogging journey and how I am now navigating my single journey from here on out.

Today I want to talk about dating in my late 30’s. This summer I will be 39. I never thought that I would be almost 39 and still single. After my husband passed away when I was 25, I was grieving but I also thought that I would eventually marry again because I love marriage and could not see myself never marrying again. I assumed I would at least be engaged before I turned 35. Well I reached the age 35 and I was still single. Wrote about how I was feeling being 35 and still single. Here is a link if you want to read that post. It was not a good period of my life I Am 35 And Still Single, Now What?

Now that I am 38, how is dating? Well if I am going to be transparent, I hate it here!! lol. Dating has been so hard! Dating before Covid 19 was bad but dating during a whole pandemic made things that much worst!

  1. First Date At Their Place?

It has become so hard to connect with someone. It can even be as simple as not agreeing on a first date. There are so many men who do not want to meet up for a date. They want to cook dinner and watch a movie. Nothing wrong with a guy wanting to cook and even watching a movie but on a first date? Personally I rather meet in person and then eventually get to the point where I would not mind coming over for dinner and a movie. The first date I just would rather meet in a public place.

2. Who Is Paying For The Date?

Next issue is guys have an issue with paying for a date. When I was dating my husband, he always paid for our dates. At times I took him out and paid for dinner but majority of the time, he paid. Fast forward to today, you can hear guys complain about spending money on a lady and label us gold diggers and assuming we all are going out with them just to get a free meal. I do not understand why they take so many women out and not narrow it down to someone who intentions is not going out for a free dinner or wanting a bag by the end of the date.

I now make sure when speaking to someone it is talked about if this date is dutch or is he paying. I had a friend who assumed that her date was paying for the date because he asked her out, at the end of the date when the waiter came with the check, he told the waiter that they were splitting the check!! I learned from that experience to make sure before I go out with someone how do they feel about paying for the first date. I am so far lucky at least in that regards that the guys I went out with did not mind paying for the first date. I do not mind eventually taking a guy out on a date, but it is nice when he is willing to pay without complaining about it.

3. Just Go With The Flow?

There is nothing wrong with going with the flow when you are first dating someone, but guys these days are dragging it. You will talk to someone for months and for some even years and they will not have a status of what the relationship is. At some point going with the flow should become something solid if she is the one. If a guy do not see a future with a woman but like what she does for them, they will keep you in that go with the flow status until the lady decide she is done and walk away.

There are other factors that I want to discuss but I will save it for another post. For my singles 35 and up, how do you feel about dating? Are you experiencing the same issues as I am? comment below how you feel about dating in your late 30’s.

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